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Survival of The Fittest

October 21, 2021 Colin Wayne Season 1 Episode 16
Call in with Colin
Survival of The Fittest
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Survival of The Fittest | Uncensored with Colin Wayne

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Speaker 1:

This is going to be over a lot of people's heads. Let me just go ahead and say that upfront. If you're a business owner and right now you're struggling supply chains crazy. Inflation's crazy. The market is crazy. I get it. You know what? It's your fault. If you're not adapting and you're not shifting your focus into different areas, it's your fault. I don't care. What is happening across the globe. Shifts focus. You have to, this has to be looked at from a lot of different perspectives, unless you want to be bankrupt. And that is your goal. Keep doing the that you're doing. I don't care if there's a shortage of boxes, you're going to have to think outside of the box and pivot. What is your core demographic? What else are they interested in? What are you currently doing to ascend your customers even further to monetize them? If you're selling physical products, can you look at digital? Can you look at adding in warranty, work to stretch lifetime value in that average order value? Even further, what I want you to do is really self-analyze. If you're thinking about man, this sucks, oh, this is, this is the government's fault. This is president Biden's fault. This is China's fault. Like no, no, it's not. I'm sure there's a lot of indicators. There's a lot of random. Oh, it's president Trump's fault. No, it's not. If you want success and you don't want your business to go under. And right now you're challenged. It's only going to get harder. I would not expect anything better to happen. Anytime soon, iOS 14, iOS, 15, every market, it's only going to become more and more challenging. And I'm telling you from a place in my heart that if you don't adapt, you're going to die. Period. I don't want you to think about excuses and other because it doesn't matter, frankly, I don't care what the problem is. Find a solution. That's the mindset you have to have. You have to find an alternative and don't blame it on everything else. That's happening around you. If you're the business owner, don't blame it on your employees for not being able. Did you hold them to a specific standard? Clearly communicate to them? Is it negligence if they're obviously not doing what's intended a lot of it, I would say nine times out of 10 comes back on you as the business owner, not the employee, but the business owner themselves, because you have not properly communicated to them. And I know when things are extremely crazy, especially from a supply chain standpoint, you have to get creative. If you're typically ordering parts within, uh, our products within a, you know, a 500 mile radius, any, any state that touches your state, think nationally, think globally. Now think a quarter in advance that doesn't work. All right, well, you're going to have to shift product lines up. That doesn't work one. You may be out of luck. If you can't be creative or two, you're going to have to get into some other form of avatar, alignment, focus, JV, joint ventures with other organizations. Everybody's going through a challenging time right now. The only people that aren't as pharmaceutical, or if you're probably in the political side, big tech software, those are up, but a lot of industries are challenged right now. Perfect time for market opportunity. You just have to solve a problem. So you're going to a problem. What can you do to solve it for other people as well? Think outside of the box and start just literally stop blaming society. Stop blaming politics. It doesn't matter does not matter at all. It starts with you hold yourself accountable and create and force alternatives, or you will die.

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